Opposition Calls On Musharraf To Resign After Crushing Election Defeat

03/28/2008 02:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

President Pervez Musharraf's leading opponents urged him to resign today as they jockeyed for position in a new coalition government after winning parliamentary elections that dramatically altered Pakistan's political landscape (write Jeremy Page in Lahore and Zahid Hussain in Islamabad).

But the former General, who seized power in a coup in 1999, refused to quit despite unofficial election results showing that the Pakistan Muslim League (Q), his political support base, had lost all but 38 of its 118 seats in parliament.

Although official results are not expected until this evening, unofficial figures showed last night that the two main opposition parties had won at least 154 of the 342 seats in the National Assembly, with neither commanding an outright majority.

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