Jon Stewart on Larry King Tonight: Oscars and Elections

03/28/2008 02:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tonight Larry King welcomes former host of "A Daily Show" Jon Stewart, now happily back with his writers at the revived "The Daily Show" and headed for the Kodak Theater on Sunday night to host the 80th Annual Academy Awards, aka the Oscars. According to the LKL promo, "Jon Stewart is counting down to hosting the Oscars, where anything can happen!" Including, mercifully, an actual show, now that the strike is over, but more likely there will be jokes about the strike, the election, Jews, and — oh yeah — the movies.

This is becoming an Oscar tradition — last time Stewart sat down with Larry in the week before the Oscars, too, and it's interesting to return to what he said then. In March 2006, Stewart thought that no Democrat had emerged as an inspiring leader — Barack Obama had failed to deliver on early promise, Hillary Clinton was the wife of a former president, Mark Warner was still in contention and had not yet been rendered like a used-car salesman on the cover of the New York Times Magazine. It's always great when Stewart can be shaken from his wisecracking, ironic default mode into actual discussion about issues (well, "great" might be differently defined by Tucker Carlson), and tonight's interview should be no exception. Speaking of Tucker, CNN has been using a clip wherein Stewart says, evidently on Larry last time, "I'll be your monkey" — a direct reference to the infamous Crossfire episode which wasn't so good for the network at the time, as I recall, but evidently is fair game for promo! Tune in tonight at 9 pm ET (repeat at midnight), and I guess we'll find whether he has the ratings touch of Paris Hilton , or can talk as cogently about the Bible. Here's a clip from his last appearance to tide you over 'til then.

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