Politico Continues To Push The Obama Support-As-Psychosis Meme

03/28/2008 02:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Well, if Paul Krugman wasn't hurriedly stocking his fallout shelter with canned prunes and bottled water to weather out the coming plague of Obama-inspired werewolf madness from beyond the moon, this recent article from the Politico is sure to send the columnist careening off to the nearest Costco. Entitled, "Obamamania verges on obsession," the article mixes some perfectly reasonable campaign supporters saying perfectly reasonable things with a couple quotes from daffy Hollywood stars to send the clear and unflinching message that while you don't have to be crazy to work for Obama, it sure helps!

"You do not get 13,000 people in this auditorium with a campaign," says Elijah Cummings. At first blush, it seems like a simple observation. But trust the Politico! The statement is "over the top!" Why, the very act of relating this statistic is "hyperbole!" Really, why isn't Cummings locked in some rubber room somewhere!

And what to make of George Clooney, who wants to "follow" Obama, and Halle Berry, who apparently wants to "collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear?" Well, uhm...okay, that sounds a little crazy, I grant you. Even a lot crazy. But let's not forget that long before Obama came a long, Mr. Clooney and Ms. Berry were known to dress up as a "bat" man and a "cat" woman, respectively. And Berry used to pick up cups for Atlanta baseballer David Justice, which, in retrospect, we can all agree is much crazier.

But don't just take the Politico's word for it. Plenty of people worry about Obamamania! You shouldn't doubt their concerns just because they coincidentally happen to be his political opponents. Some of whom allow their surrogates to make perfectly sane, not-at-all manic arguments that compare Obama to ancient Roman gods and impugn the mainstream Democratic base as "latte-sipping, Birkenstock-wearing, trust-fund babies."

If you've any doubt left about how Obama is personally transforming America into a bunch of change-drunk, I Am Legend-style hope-zombies, consider the chilling case of Ross Avila:

Ross Avila, a senior at The University of Pennsylvania, drove more than 2,200 miles to volunteer in Iowa, New Jersey and South Carolina for the campaign.

"Iowa in January was so miserable," he says, remembering the single-digit temperatures.

"I can't imagine doing such grueling work for someone that I didn't believe in so much. I think he's very unique that way."

Good Lord! What sort of psychopath would volunteer to work on a campaign? It's madness, I tell you! Madness!

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