Must See Video: A Talking Dog, Today's Lewd Toy Demo, Pat Robertson Describes Heaven, And More!

03/28/2008 02:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Did you know Fox is still airing new episodes of "Cops"? Neither did I. Fortunately, my DVR grabbed the three new episodes that aired Saturday night, so I didn't miss this German Shepherd with a very strange bark. He sounds like he was definitely trained in the south, or he's at least picked up some sort of accent from his human co-workers. He needs to bring this spot-on cop impersonation of his to Letterman.

From Fox 2/16/08.

I'm sure the makers of the toy in this next clip had good intentions when they came up with the idea for a device that turns air guitaring into actual noise. I just don't think the belt is the best place to stick this thing. All I'm saying is that if you didn't know what the people in the following segment were doing, you might just think "Today" is teaching kids some dirty lessons.

From NBC 2/18/08.

During a very special Q & A sesh with "The 700 Club" audience this week, Pat Robertson took a question from a 10-year-old boy, who wanted some very specific details about heaven. After he asks things like, "What are the buildings made of in heaven?" and "What do they wear?", Pat cracks up at the curious kid, saying "We don't take questions from anybody that's under 12" because "they're always too embarrassing." Too embarrassing, Pat? Right! Because kids don't understand the line between fact and fiction, right? So is this where you set the little guy straight and tell him you don't actually know anything about heaven and can't prove there is such a thing, but you imagine that it's filled with wonderful things? No! You're Pat Robertson! This is where you give a very straightforward answer about how heaven has golden streets and walls filled with precious stones. Oh Pat, please don't ever retire.

From ABC Family 2/18/08.

I don't know enough about Oxygen channel's "Bad Girls Club" to tell you what it's about, or who these so-called ill-behaved ladies are, or why any of it is relevant at all. I just know that Tanisha, the "baddest" of the girls, is a colorful character. When she suspected a roommate of ripping up a picture of her, she got into a fist fight that nearly cost both girls their position on the show. So Darlene was rightfully nervous when she sat down Tanisha to tell her that she was the actual picture ripper-upper. I just hope Tanisha understands that Darlene probably didn't mean for her last comment in this video to be interpreted the way the show's editors interpreted it.

From Oxygen 2/19/08.

In my continuing quest to bring you the most hilariously awful videos from the net, I present this incredible find from funnyordie.com. I guess it's technically a music video, a rap song recorded by the L.A. Rams, circa 1984, during the era of shuffling Bears, rapping Dolphins, and singing Cowboys.. Whatever it is, it's 100% awesome, and definitely deserves a view or two... hundred.

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