Drudge Pits Obama And Clinton Against Each Other In Shame-Off

06/25/2008 05:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • 236.com

Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama's campaign is accusing Hillary Clinton's campaign of "shameful offensive fearmongering" after her aides allegedly emailed a photo around this weekend of Obama dressed as a Somali elder [a.k.a. Muslim] on a 2006 trip to northern Kenya. Clinton's campaign said if Obama's campaign thinks adopting traditional dress in other countries is divisive, they should be ashamed.

Big Head DC, however, says Matt Drudge started the whole thing himself and the photo source says Hillary's campaign had nothing to do with the photo.

Meanwhile, Drudge is readying a few more Clinton-attributable photos for circulation. They're not quite as fearmongery, but hopefully they'll do the trick.

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