Why Women News Anchors Need A Makeover

03/28/2008 02:46 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Hadley Freeman The Guardian

It's interesting to see that this problem plagues the UK, too:

Why do all female newscasters look like 80s throwbacks?-Marcus Tompkinson, by email

Oh so harsh, but oh so true. The short answer is, I haven't a clue. And the longer answer is, I haven't a clue but it's a real darn shame, isn't it? For here is a ripe opportunity for the public to see that a person can look wise and trustworthy and stylish, all in one daily package. Instead, what we seem to get is a choice between helmet hair and shoulder pads or down with da kidz jeans (Natasha Kaplinsky, we'll return to you in just a tick) and miniskirts. And the simplicity of that dichotomy pretty much sums up the problem and probable cause.

Read the entire Guardian response here.

We were all quite impressed--or was it depressed?--when FOX Business launched with its bevy of very generic beauties.

Then Radar came out with a brilliant quiz that begged the question: Fox News Anchor or Porn Star?

Maxim did a run-down of the top ten sexiest news anchors.

Is it time that female news anchors got a makeover? Tell us in comments below.


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