03/28/2008 02:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Clay Aiken Shirks High-Level Government Duties As Wikipedia Nerds Go Ballistic

Apparently, Barack Obama isn't the only person under fire for ducking responsibilities by doing things like voting "present." According to today's Reliable Source, sexually ambivalent chanteur/Spamalot star Clay Aiken finds himself at the center of a fierce firestorm of recriminations over his failure to attend important governmental meetings. The aftershocks of Aiken's dereliction of duty is already being felt in many arenas of pretend importance, like on Wikipedia:

Our inquiry was launched after a raging debate broke out over edits to the singer's Wikipedia page. Aiken detractors -- who scoured an incomplete set of committee minutes posted online and found no reference to the crooner -- were branding him a no-show, drawing fierce push-back from Aiken partisans.

The Claymates argued that: (1) A friend of a friend is on the committee and says yuh-huh, Clay has so been going to meetings! (2) Maybe Clay keeps his name off the books to avoid getting mobbed by fans; and (3) Haters don't really know, do they?

The Reliable Sourceresses conducted an investigation of their own, which revealed that he has, in fact, "skipped six of the seven meetings since he was named" to the Presidential Committee for People With Intellectual Disabilities. Naturally, what we find adorable is that President Bush gets to appoint people to a "Committee for People With Intellectual Disabilities."

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