03/28/2008 02:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last Night A DJ Tortured Me Within An Inch Of My Life

Justine Sharrock at Mother Jones has an audio widget up at their site that collects all of the various tunes that military prisons have used to drive their detainees crazy so that interrogators can have an easier time getting information. Now you can listen along at home to the sweet, sweet sounds of "prolong capture shock!" Many of the choices used by the sinister DJs of the military-industrial-iTunes complex aren't surprising: "Bodies" by Drowning Pool and "Die MF Die" by Dope are no doubt being used precisely how their composers intended. There are plenty of "ironic" selections that make total sense when you think about it - the theme from "Barney," the Meow Mix commercial, Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty." Honestly, though? "Babylon" by David Gray? No, it's not the greatest song, but it just seems mean somehow to include it if you aren't torturing the editors of Pitchfork.

There's truth to this list though! I have myself, participated in a controlled experiment in which a group of average college freshmen were subjected to Don McClean's "American Pie" (included on MJ's playlist) to see how many consecutive listens could be tolerated before the stereo was thrown out a dormitory window in a fit of rage. (The answer: seven!)

Still, we question the inclusion of "Raspberry Beret." Really. Surely, Prince can only be used for good.