John Solomon Issues New Editorial Edict At Washington Times

06/30/2008 02:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Earth-shaking news for people who follow the news about newspapers run by crazy religious zealots. The Washington Times, now under the editorial control of John Solomon, has put out a set of new editorial rules that threaten to bring something akin to "professionalism" to the newspaper. Among the new rules is a ban on what was once a Times mainstay: the use of scare quotes around the word "marriage" when the term referred to gay marriage.

Via Wonkette, here is the relevant portion of the memo:

1) Clinton will be the headline word for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

2) Gay is approved for copy and preferred over homosexual, except in clinical references or references to sexual activity.

3) The quotation marks will come off gay marriage (preferred over homosexual marriage).

4) Moderate is approved, but centrist is still allowed.

5) We will use illegal immigrants, not illegal aliens.

The staff of the Times will thus need to find a new way of expressing their sniveling disdain for the "approved for copy" gays. Also exciting: the news that the paper "will use illegal immigrants." To do what? Copyedit?

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