06/25/2008 06:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Was Clinton's "3AM" Ad Xeroxed...From A McCain Supporter?

Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign raised the fear ante when it started running an ad over the weekend in Texas that asked who you would like to answer the "red phone" in the White House at 3 AM when there is a crisis?

You can watch it here.

Senator Clinton, in one of the debates, accused Senator Barack Obama of "xeroxing speeches." She further insisted that it was an important issue because it got to the "heart" of Obama's campaign.

So, we were a bit taken aback when BuzzFlash readers alerted us to a pro-John McCain video that has been reportedly been on YouTube since January (the indicated date of posting is January 6). The video, apparently posted by a YouTube subscriber, asks the same question about John McCain as is asked in the Clinton "red phone" ad. In fact, it posits the same question at the same time: 3 AM. Now that's quite a coincidence.

You can watch the January YouTube posted video about John McCain answering the WH presidential phone at 3 AM in the morning in response to a crisis here.

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