Clinton Donors Jumping To Obama

03/28/2008 02:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last September, Gina Jorasch recruited friends to attend a California fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, mugged for a photo with the New York senator, wrote her a $1,000 campaign check and came away convinced that Clinton would be a ``fantastic'' president.

But in early January, Jorasch paid $2,300 to attend another fundraiser and heard Barack Obama deliver his message of hope and change. On Feb. 4, after vacillating for weeks over whom to support, the Palo Alto resident cast her ballot for the Illinois senator in California's Democratic primary.

"If he can break down some of the partisan politics that are deadlocking everything in Washington, that could really cause a change in our government," the 44-year-old Internet entrepreneur said in explaining her vote.

Jorasch is among hundreds of Clinton financial backers who switched gears in January and started shoveling cash into Obama's campaign, a McClatchy analysis of Federal Election Commission records found.

Their shift, while amounting to only a tiny slice of the more than $300 million raised by the two Democratic candidates, was prompted by several factors.

First, Obama has made inroads among even committed Clinton boosters. Second, some Clinton donors want to back a winning Democrat and changed course as Obama's candidacy soared. Finally, others see campaign donations as strictly business and wanted to assure their access regardless of who wins.

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