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Texas Polls: Obama And Clinton Maintain Demographic Groups

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Exit polls from Texas show Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton holding on to the demographic groups that have come to personify their campaigns.

According to MSNBC's numbers, men supported Obama, 52 to 46 percent, while females - which made up 57 percent of the Democratic primary-goers - went with Clinton by a margin, 53-46.

Clinton trounced Obama among Latinos, 63 to 35 percent and bested Obama with the white vote as well, 55-44. Obama, meanwhile and expectedly, won the black vote (19 percent of those polled) by a margin of 85 percent to 15 percent.

Unlike Clinton's advantage in Ohio, low-income families were split evenly between the two candidates. Obama and Clinton both got 50 percent of the vote among those who earned between $15,000 and $30,000.

The two candidates also split the vote among those who thought the economy was the most important issue. Obama bested Clinton slightly, 52-47, among those who valued most the war in Iraq.

The one area where Obama far exceeded Clinton was among the 44 percent of Texas Democratic primary voters who said they wanted a candidate who "can bring about needed change." The Illinois Democrat took 72 percent of that particular group, compared to Clinton's 27 percent.

On the flip side, 65 percent of Texas voters said Clinton was the candidate who offered "clear and detailed plans to solve the country's problems." Fifty-three percent said that description fit Obama.

Finally, in recent days, Clinton had stepped up the aggressiveness of her campaign, attacking Obama on his national security credentials and position on NAFTA. And, perhaps as a result, 24 percent of voters thought she was unfair with her treatment of Obama and only seven percent thought it was the other way around.