UK Press Catches Primary Fever

03/28/2008 02:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If the United States is mesmerized, and excited, by the primary races, so is England.

The results of the Ohio and Texas primaries are front page news and are leading the BBC broadcasts here, especially the images of Hillary Rodham Clinton smiling and waving her arms after her Ohio victory.

Changing countries does not appear to make much of a difference in changing the intensity of political discourse. Newspapers here are awash in political news about the American races as detailed and as breathless as in the states - with a decidedly Democratic bias. William Barnard, head of the Democrats Abroad chapter here said, in an interview, that he has had to explain to his many British friends who are seeking to donate money or volunteer to work for Democrats, that they are barred by law from doing so.

The Daily Telegraph, which calls itself "Britain's Best-Selling Quality Daily" has front-page photos of both Mrs. Clinton and Chelsea Clinton looking very blonde and very glamorous. An inside story talks about how Mrs. Clinton "worked like a Trojan" to win Ohio and described how, on a post-Ohio campaign flight, Mrs. Clinton calmly slept through turbulence that sent food flying and alarmed the flight attendants. Other articles talked about Barack Obama's plans to attack Mrs. Clinton on national security issues and how the hearty endorsement of John McCain by President George W. Bush might hurt John McCain as much as help him.

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