11/17/2008 03:22 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The O-Bama Face: The New "O Face"

**See O-Bama Faces: A Slideshow**

At a Mississippi rally on Monday, where Barack Obama addressed Hillary Clinton's remarks about a possible VP slot awaiting him with his usual eloquence, we couldn't help but notice the very...enthusiastic...young lady sitting right behind him. And we get it, we really do. Poetry is HOT. So we went ahead and coined a new term:

The O-Bama Face (n.): the expression made by an Obama supporter when the inspired oration and possibility of a President Obama becomes almost too much to take.

Click here to see a slideshow of O-Bama Faces.


If you've been living under a rock for the last nine years, you may be asking, what the heck is an "O Face"? We're here to help.

1. O Face

a term used in the movie Office Space to describe the face one makes when achieving orgasm.

ex. "I'm gonna be showing her my O face."

Watch the scene here:

Check out the O-Bama Face in action: