08/14/2008 12:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Spitzer's Kristen New Details And Pictures: OMG I Did The Governor, Ashley Dupre Told Emperors Club Booker

Update: Ashley Dupre Nude pictures hit the web
Ashley Dupre/Spitzer's "Kristen' has reportedly been given immunity in exchange for testimony.

The high-class hooker whose tryst with Eliot Spitzer brought down the governor has been given immunity to testify in the investigation of a worldwide prostitution ring.

More good news for Dupre as she has made hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps more, from the online sale of her song, is being courted by every press outlet in the world, and her father has spoken out:

"Everyone makes mistakes, and this was a very large mistake," the stonemason said. "I love her tremendously and support her, but I am just in so much shock right now."

A new day with new details of "Kristen," the prostitute from Emperors Club VIP with whom then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer trysted.

From the NY Post:

The high-priced hooker at the center of Gov. Spitzer's sex scandal trysted with him several times before he was caught on a wiretap - but it was only during their last encounter that she realized the real identity of her john, sources said yesterday.

"Oh, my God! Do you know who this guy is?" a shocked Ashley Alexandra Dupre asked her bosses at the Emperors Club VIP escort service, a source said.

The comment came after her $4,300 meeting with Spitzer at a Washington hotel on Feb. 13...

"She's been hanging around the night-life scene for a few years," said one well-connected club source. "She's definitely a party girl. She was out four, five nights a week and was a staple. She danced on tables and had fun."

Steve Lewis writes that he and Kristen/Ashley have multiple friends, and he knows about her time with Diddy and vacations in St. Tropez:

A shortish, always tanned girl with a killer body, she was always rolling with ballers and always talking about her career in music. Indeed one doorman said the last couple times he had seen her she was rolling with P Diddy's crew. Friends who had "been" there said it all makes sense now, that apartment at the Landmark on 6th Ave., the trip to St. Tropez this summer, the vacations by private jet. She was shacked up with someone else famous this past summer. Two different people chuckled, but wouldn't give me more. There was that someone else in St. Tropez on a boat, I guess the one in the photo.

When around, she would be texting endlessly, looking to hang, then she'd be gone, "Off to Philly, to work on my music." Bubbly, not too bright, but lots of fun, with a million get rich ideas...a book, a concierge service, at 22 she has ambitions.

Newsday spoke with a stunned childhood friend of Kristen/Ashley:

"Honestly, I can't even fathom it," she said of her old friend's alleged involvement with Gov. Eliot Spitzer. "I mean, Little Ashley. It's like, is this really happening?" Growing up, Ashley, now 22, was a "good, good girl" who was a cheerleader in middle school, baby-sat for neighborhood kids, and liked to karaoke to pop tunes in her ribbon-decorated bedroom, Del Valle said.

"We'd sing Brandi and just stupid stuff like that," she recalled.

Other than "stupid typical parent stuff," Del Valle said her friend seemed to have a close relationship with her mother and stepfather. She had "a few flings with boys," but no serious boyfriends, she said.

Gawker has pictures and a new video link of her.

The New York Daily News claims she fell into prostitution soon after moving to New York from New Jersey:

Instead of record deals, she got an offer from a high-class prostitution ring called NY Confidential.

Jason Itzler claimed he met Dupré in the Gansevoort Hotel and she instantly caught his eye. Itzler said he gave the then-19-year-old his card and she called him two days later after visiting the NY Confidential Web site.

"She says, 'Hey, Jason ... I want to work for you.' When I caught my breath, I said, 'Do you know what I do?'" he claimed. "She's like, 'Yeah.' I said, 'Get over here.' "

He rechristened the Jersey-girl-turned-call-girl "Victoria," and she quickly became a favorite of the Confidential clientele - four years before she became $4,300 hooker "Kristen" and torpedoed Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

New York Magazine hears a rumbling she may be 32, not 22.

New pictures and video of her.

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