08/14/2008 12:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Former McGreevey Aide Claims Trysts With Ex-Governor And Wife

The New York Post is reporting that the estranged wife of former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey must have known he was gay, because they shared their bed with a handsome twenty-something aide:

In an explosive interview with The Post, the McGreeveys' longtime man-in-the-middle, Teddy Pedersen, recounted explicit details of alleged, titillating, three-way sex romps he had with the now-divorcing duo, starting during their courtship and continuing into the marriage.

Pedersen - who said he has already spilled the beans on the steamy ménage a trios arrangement under oath in a deposition for the couple's divorce battle - hinted that he thinks his presence was required to get Jim's motor running for Dina.

Matos McGreevey's basic claim in her divorce war with the former Garden State gov is her argument that he covered up his homosexuality and tricked her into a loveless marriage.

Pedersen - who is named in Matos McGreevey's court papers - agreed to talk about the reputed unconventional relationship after Dina repeatedly sounded off to the media last week about Eliot Spitzer's sex scandal and blasted the fallen pol as a hypocrite.

"It's frustrating to hear her call Gov. Spitzer a hypocrite while she's out there being as dishonest as anyone could be about her own life," said Pedersen, 29.

"She's framed herself as a victim - yet she was a willing participant, she had complete control over what happened in her relationship," he said.

"She was there, she knew what was happening, she made the moves. We all did. It's disgusting to watch her play the victim card."

More photos of Pedersen and the McGreeveys:

Veronica McGreevey, the Governor Elect's mother (left,back), Dina Matos McGreevey, Governor Elect James E. McGreevey and aides Kellie Drakeford and Theodore Pedersen attend Interfaith Prayer Service at Princeton University Chapel in 2002.

McGreevey, Pedersen, and Matos McGreevey.