03/28/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama: Ties To Rezko Show I'm A Washington Outsider

Obama will appear tonight in an interview for PBS. When asked about his connection with indicted fundraiser Tony Rezko, he offers a novel explanation for why he has not better distanced himself from the man; namely, he has not been "steeped in Washington politics":

MS. IFILL: Do you think that your association with those two people or people we don't know about would raise questions about your judgment?

SEN. OBAMA: Well, no, look, all of us have people in our lives who we meet, we get to know, in some cases form friendships with, who end up getting themselves into trouble or say things that we don't agree with. And probably what's true is because I haven't been in Washington as long as Senator Clinton or others that I have not distanced myself from these people for as long a period of time as somebody more steeped in Washington politics might have.

But keep in mind, on all these issues, there is no allegations that I've done anything wrong, just as in the situation with Reverend Wright there is no allegation that I've said something that was inappropriate.