Andrew McCarthy Dishes On "Lipstick Jungle" Life

03/28/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The actor who set hearts aflutter as rich-boy Blane in 1986's Pretty in Pink is doing the same on NBC's Lipstick Jungle (tonight, 10 ET/PT) as billionaire Joe Bennett. Today, Manhattan-based Andrew McCarthy, 45, is raising son Sam, 6 (with his ex-wife, actress Carol Schneider), and daughter Willow, nearly 2, with girlfriend Dolores Rice. But he tells USA TODAY he's pleased to be playing a Romeo again.

Q: How did you come to play prime-time's suave billionaire playboy?

A: I don't know. Last January, I spoke with them and thought it was a great part for me. And here we are.

Q: What of yourself do you see in Joe?

A: Not the money! He has a great sense of delight. He's like me -- on a great day. He's having a great day all the time. He has a great appetite for his life and enjoys people's various humanities. He has a real capacity to devour life.

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