Heather Mills Hypocrite: Books First Class, Puts Daughter In Coach

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Heather Mills was exposed as a hypocrite last night -- for failing to buy first-class flights for daughter Beatrice.

Mucca slammed ex Sir Paul McCartney on Monday for forcing the four-year-old to travel �B Class� after their bitter divorce -- while he flew �A Class�.

She haughtily vowed to pay for Beatrice's first-class travel herself.

But details obtained by The Sun show the one-legged gold-digger has ALREADY failed to live up to her pledge.

Heather, dubbed Pornocchio after her divorce judge branded her a scheming liar, jets to New York this weekend to rest after her court war with ex-Beatle Paul, 65.

But she is sending Bea home early with a minder and nanny in the 409 pound seats at the back of a Virgin jet.

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