03/29/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Must See Video: Dirty Dancing, Robotic Dogs, Best Obama Song Ever, And More!

Fox has always done a good job of airing reality game shows that appeal to the lowest common denominator. But this week they took an ad for a future "Moment of Truth" episode to Ancient Roman levels. If America's television tastes include wanting to see families "crushed," expect something like "My Dad Is Better Than Your Paraplegic Aunt" real soon.

From Fox 3/19/08.

It's no surprise to see scantily clad women on TV anymore. It's not even that shocking to see said ladies instructing their viewing audience in the fine art of dry humping. But when you take a look at who their audience is, as evidenced in this clip (link) from an episode that aired three weeks ago, you can't help but be a little disturbed.

From CW 3/17/08.

David Paterson was sworn in this week as New York's new governor, and it was the job of news reporters around the country to come up with tasteful ways of mentioning his blindness without condescending or patronizing his disability. This reporter from NBC4 didn't get the memo.

From WNBC 3/17/08.

I'm sure this robotic dog is a technological breakthrough and a huge accomplishment for its engineers at Boston Dynamics, but couldn't they have at least added puppy ears or a tail or something? Anything to keep this thing out of my nightmares for the next week?

From youtube.com/olinerd

Finally this week, whatever hope is left for the Clinton campaign will be shattered after this inspiring music video makes its way around the interwebs. If Barack Obama doesn't pick this as his official inaugural theme song, he doesn't deserve to be our next president.