04/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Bill Richardson Explains Why The Other Superdelegates Should Vote With Their States

CNN's John Roberts spoke to Bill Richardson this morning about his endorsement of Barack Obama, discussing his reasons for endorsing, the Clinton reaction, and his own slightly muddled view on how superdelegates ought to vote. Importantly, Richardson said definitively that Obama did not promise him anything for the endorsement. He also squirmed a bit when asked by Roberts why, if he advocated superdelegates voting with their constituents, he had backed Obama even though Hillary Clinton had won New Mexico? Richardson protested that Roberts was getting "technical" since the state had been so close that the outcome hadn't been clear for two weeks. Still, Roberts said, a win is a win — which launched Richardson into a convoluted explanation of all the reasons why he thought superdelegates should vote like their states except that he was the exception. John Roberts was clearly having none of it. Watch:

Note also that Richardson again described his phone call to Clinton explaining that he'd be endorsing Obama as "heated" though this time he described her as being "gracious" — a word I haven't seen that he had used thus far in so describing the call. To my mind, voting with his conscience does not constitute an act of betrayal, but sharing with reporters details of his phone call with Clinton was sort of uncool, especially when he could have just said, "It was a private conversation between friends where I explained why I had made a professional decision, and considering the circumstances Senator Clinton was very gracious." Saying it was "heated" was the real breach of trust, as I see it. Loyalty is in the little things too.

We're still digging the beard though.

Update: He said she was gracious on "Morning Joe" today, too.

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