04/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Emirates Offers In-Flight Showers

I've already raved about the prospect of relaxing in a posh first class on the new Airbus A380, but now Dubai-based Emirates Airlines seems to have raised the bar for in-flight amenities. As the Times of London reported yesterday, Emirates is promising first-class passengers the use of a shower. Details on the first-class cabin and the shower are sketchy, but with its "seven star" Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, knows true (and somewhat ridiculous) luxury.

It's certainly a novel idea, and it would give a new meaning to the idea of the mile-high club, but environmentalists are already attacking the scheme as irresponsible. According to the Times, a shower-equipped A380 need to carry an extra ton of water for each flight, which is equal to 12 passengers. That would mean a carbon cost of 48,455 pounds for every round-trip flight. That's certainly a legitimate worry, but frankly, I'd be more concerned about showering during turbulence.

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