Sexy Politics: Political Awareness Via A Barely-Safe-For-Work Striptease

04/01/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

While it'd be great if your endless internet sessions left you better informed about news and events, that shouldn't come at the expense of getting better informed about what women look like in panties. Get both, at Sexy Politics.

Based in Santa Monica, SP incentivizes social and political awareness via barely-safe-for-work striptease -- because if cleavage can teach Adam Sandler basic grammar, think what it can do for people who know how to read. First, pick a quiz category (general, daily, candidate, or issue), then select a stripper from amongst six women, three strapping dudes, and a dessicated old geezer ID'd as "Matt Drudge"; each comes with unique outfit options: "Sara" will go Girl Scout, while "Bean" will dress like...Terrell Owens? As you tackle everything from sordid infidelities (JFK, Clinton, Larry Craig) to domestic policy (Obama hearts ethanol), your dancer will either joyfully remove clothing, or scold your ignorance, though encouragingly they'll sometimes look as disappointed as you are that you failed to get them near-naked.

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