04/04/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Backwards Day! Wherein We Call Out The Celeb Media For Referring To A Fact As A Rumor

Is a rumor still a rumor once it's been videotaped, replayed on network and cable news, reported everywhere, debated furiously on cable news and in the press and been picked up all over the blogosphere? Apparently so, according to CBS' "The Insider," which included the incident wherein a university student asked Chelsea Clinton about Monica Lewinsky during a campus tour. That happened on Tuesday, March 25th, and by mid-afternoon was being reported across the board. But, that didn't stop "The Insider" from framing it as a "rumor" in their "Rumor Report" in last night's show, which re-aired this morning (and which ETP caught the beginning of following "The CBS Early Show," which yes we did actually watch, and apparently there is a stalwart Harry Smith fan club amongst the ladies out there. Also, Tony Snow looked like a hippie in his university days.) Now, we recognize that "The Insider" isn't a news show per se, but it does report on entertainment news and while apparently this made the cut, we're more interested in the standards it applies. Usually those in the press criticize the celebrity media for claiming unverified rumor as fact, not the way around — but still, this seemed especially odd given the fact that the story had been so completely verified, reported, and disseminated by the time "The Insider" got on the air. Watch and decide for yourself:

For those breathlessly waiting to find out the answer, "The Insider" told viewers approximately 29 minutes into the program that yes, someone had asked Chelsea about Monica Lewinsky. Stop the presses!

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