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Edwards Donors Prefer Obama To Clinton

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John Edwards ' former donors broke toward Barack Obama by a 2-to-1 margin over Hillary Rodham Clinton in February, the first full month after Edwards dropped out of the Democratic presidential nomination fight.

The analysis by CQ MoneyLine identified 287 former Edwards contributors who donated to Obama for the first time during his record-breaking $56 million month. Collectively, though, the former Edwards donors amounted to a small fraction of Obama's haul, sending in $200,000. In comparison, Clinton banked $114,000 from 138 Edwards donors who had not given to her in past months as she piled up a personal-best $35 million in February.

"I looked at both the candidates and basically the reason I chose to shift allegiance over to Obama was how I perceived his message of hope," said San Diego lawyer Blake Muir Harper.

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