04/10/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

DoubleClick Layoffs Begin, Headhunters Rejoice

The DoubleClick layoffs have begun, a tipster tells us, and will continue through tomorrow. We're also told that Google (GOOG) intends to fire some DoubleClickers, then offer them contracts. Vanity Fair (?) says the entire finance department has been whacked.

If the sound of working for an employer who's just fired you doesn't sound that good, or if you've been canned outright, we have a sliver of good news: People are already trying to hire you!

We've written about the coming cuts twice in the past week, and both times employers have stepped forward to say they're happy to see DoubleClick resumes. (To recap, that's Mike at CPX Interactive, and David S. Kidder at Clickable). But we know there are more out there.

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