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Hitchens Goes Off On Clintons, Calls Bill Hill's "Moral Tutor, The Man Who Taught Her How To Lie"

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Christopher Hitchens discussed Hillary Clinton's Bosnia lie yesterday on Fox News' "Studio B with Shepard Smith" and at the end of the segment he went off on an anti-Clinton tirade.

"I wish you and your fellow people at the network would never refer to [Hillary's] husband without saying, 'the disbarred lawyer,'" Hitchens said to Smith. "Disbarred for lying under oath. The disbarred, perjured, impeached Mr. Clinton. Why is this never said? This is the man who was her moral tutor, the man who taught her how to lie, who is her main political adviser."

Watch, and note how uncomfortable Hitchens makes Shep Smith, who stays mum on Hitchens' request (the video may take a minute to load):