Obama On Hardball: Watch The Highlights

04/10/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama was the special guest on the Hardball College Tour Wednesday. The whole transcript is here. Right off the bat, it was pretty clear who the crowd favorite was. Watch Hillary Clinton get a frosty reception from the Hardball audience:

Obama also joked about his bowling skills with Matthews, who, in light of his recent headlines, asked whether he would be ready from "Day One" to use the White House bowling alley:

Obama also talked about the recent controversy surrounding his former pastor Jeremiah Wright, and whether the Clintons were pushing the issue. Wright's comments, Obama said, were "fair game." Watch as he answers students questions. A member of the audience asked Obama:

I'm interested in how has this campaign and the situation with your pastor affected your spiritual life? And how will that influence your presidency?

He talked about judgment and 3 am phone calls:

And about race and quitting smoking:

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