04/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Becoming Julia" Becomes Published

It's a homecoming, of sorts, though decidedly unplanned: The in-depth New York magazine profile of Star talking head and self-styled online "It"-girl Julia Allison — commissioned last summer and killed in late fall after editor Adam Moss deemed Allison too over-exposed — has finally found a home on...Mediabistro, where Allison began her New York career as an intern. The article is here and is sure to be one of MB's biggest traffic-drivers in ages, not only because of the online interest in Allison but because it is a terrific piece of writing by writer Stephen Rodrick. (Alert: I know just about all the parties involved to varying degrees, and am quoted in the piece.)

A note on the story's genesis: After it was killed, there was interest from a number of online properties in running it, particularly when Allison's Time Out New York cover story came out in February. (There was, however, evidently no interest in running it online by New York, which could easily have shown up Allison's self-penned story on self-branding with the full-on Ellie-winner reporting treatment.) Since then, reports surfaced that Allison would be shooting a reality series; last week, Allison was profiled in the LA Times and was the subject of a cover story in the City Section of the New York Times.

Becoming Julia [Mediabistro]

Photo of Julia Allison With Henry Kissinger