04/14/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Celebrity Trainer Writes Of Demi's Meaty Thighs And Fleshy Naomi Watts

It seems hard to believe, but a self-styled trainer to the stars claims Demi Moore had meaty thighs, Madonna was soft and Naomi Watts was fleshy. Rob Parr, who used to train them, has written a book, "Star Quality," and the NY Post got an early look:

Demi Moore needed some major work to turn herself from a fat-kneed, thunder-thighed girl into a ravishing knockout, according to Robb [sic] Parr, her former personal trainer. In his upcoming exercise book, "Star Quality," Parr writes: "[Demi] lacked a defined waist, carried too much meat on her thighs, and was, by movie-star standards, thick overall. To taper her waist, we decided to accentuate her shoulders, creating a V-shape. We trimmed her thighs, shaving off some of the excess fat from above her knees, and accentuated her butt, further emphasizing her waist." As for Madonna, whom Parr also whipped into shape, "When [she] and I started working together, she was very soft . . ." As for Aussie cutie Naomi Watts, she came to Parr "fleshy, and we needed to trim and tighten so that she would fit the mold of a bikini-clad babe."

According to amazon.com, Star Quality is out in August. The official blurb adds a few more celebs to Parr's (hit?) list.

Rob Parr presents body types based on some of his most famous celebrity clients, so that readers can identify with, aspire to, and work toward a body shape like Madonna's (athletic), Demi Moore's (hourglass), or Naomi Watts's (long and slender)....

Rob Parr (Los Angeles, CA) is a fitness trainer whose clients have included Madonna, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Christy Turlington, Naomi Watts, Maria Shriver, and Alicia Silverstone.

No word if any of the called-out beauties still work out with Parr.

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