07/16/2009 01:53 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Why Yoga Is Good For Your Sex Life, Your Wallet, And Your Height

- Elderly women showed measurable improvements in their walking speed and balance after a nine-week yoga program -- and they gained a centimeter in height, on average, Philadelphia researchers report.

"The only explanation may be that they are standing more upright, not so much crouching," study chief Dr. Jinsup Song of Temple University told Reuters Health. Song presented the findings April 4 at the Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society's Annual Meeting.

Song and colleagues enrolled 24 women aged 65 and older into their study. The women performed an hour-and-a-half yoga session twice a week, gradually building up the intensity of the exercise.

After the program, the women walked faster, used longer strides, and could stand for a longer time on one leg. They also felt more confident in their ability to balance while standing and walking.


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