04/29/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

John Layfield, Fox Business Commentator, Sells Sex Potion After Hours — And Cavuto Wants Some

The New York Times' Brooks Barnes profiles John Layfield, Fox Business contributor by day and sex potion peddler by night:

By day, John C. Layfield is an investment banker and professional pontificator for Fox Business Network. By night, he peddles a love potion.

Mamajuana Energy, a berry-flavored liquid that Mr. Layfield developed, sells for $4.99 or less. He bills the two-ounce shots as an all-natural "sexual endurance drink" for men. A minister's son, Mr. Layfield says he first sampled the concoction in a dive bar in the Dominican Republic while on vacation and was hooked.

"It's more of a sex potion," said Mr. Layfield, who enjoyed a successful run as a professional wrestler before reinventing himself as a financial whiz and beverage impresario. "Think of it as liquid Viagra."

Mamajuana -- typically made from soaking tree bark and herbs in rum -- has long been part of Dominican culture. But it was new to Mr. Layfield, who saw a business opportunity. How about introducing a beverage into the booming energy drink market that was also an ostensible aphrodisiac?

Read the entire article, including Neil Cavuto's admission that "I keep hitting him up for a bottle," here, or watch a clip of Layfield in action on Fox Business below: