04/30/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lou Dobbs Rants About Clinton, Obama "Distortions"

CNN's Jessica Yellin's report on Lou Dobbs' show last night on the back-stabbing half truths of political ad campaigns was apparently a revelation for the show's seasoned host. Yellin told viewers that Sen. Clinton's ad attacking Sen. Obama for accepting money from oil companies was disingenuous (Clinton, after all, has not only accepted money from oil companies, but has accepted more from them than Obama), which prompted outrage from the "straight-shooter" Lou Dobbs.

"This was supposed to be the politics of change," says Dobbs, "but what you're saying is that both the candidates are lying about the issues." Yellin cautiously agrees, admitting that the candidates are "making the strongest case for themselves." Dobbs persists:

"... Our journalists become victims of this striving for objectivity, because the reality is that they have done exactly that... they have distorted each others positions."