Dukakis: Obama Likely To Win, But Needs To Improve Campaign

05/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Massachusetts Democratic primary, along with nearly two dozen other primaries and caucuses, was held on Feb. 5. Hillary Clinton won it by 15 points, one of her best showings anywhere this year, and Michael Dukakis voted in it--but he won't say for whom. "I voted for a candidate, yeah," is about all Mr. Dukakis, the state's former governor and a lifelong resident of Brookline, will say.

Mr. Dukakis has maintained an adamantly neutral public stance throughout the campaign, hoping instead to sell both candidates and their campaigns on the need for assembling a massive grassroots organizing effort--a captain and six block leaders in all 200,000 precincts in the country--for the fall. But he also said that Barack Obama will probably be the nominee and the race decided by early June, and possibly much sooner, with primaries in Indiana and North Carolina on tap next week.

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