Kellyanne Conway, MSNBC Guest, Calls Hillary Clinton "Chief White Woman" In America

05/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This afternoon on MSNBC, Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway and Democratic strategist Keith Boykin were discussing Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright, when Conway made a startling declaration, calling Hillary Clinton "the chief white woman in this country." Her full statement:

"The person who has criticized them is Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has been criticizing Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright. and I think that's the real issue, I think that's why Barack Obama had to push back. She is the chief white woman in this country, calling into question Jeremiah Wright's bonafides and she has made that issue on the campaign trail. Republicans aren't saying much about it at all, including John McCain. He had one thing to say about it early on."

Boykin immediately objected and Conway attempted to explain her statement, but a very wise Tamron Hall interrupted them and cut to commercial as fast as she could.

Watch (video to come if it does not load properly):

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