Olbermann Names NPR's Rudin "Worst Person" For Sexist Clinton Comment

05/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I wrote in this space last week about a remark Keith Olbermann made about Hillary Clinton, one with which I and others took issue as having sexist implications, and one for which he apologized both in print and on air, saying it was unintentional and apologizing for creating that impression. So it's only fair that I give him props for turning around and calling out NPR's Ken Rudin for his sexist comments, wherein he likened Hillary Clinton to Glenn Close's crazy bunny-boiling stalker character in Fatal Attraction.

This past Sunday, Rudin said on "CNN Sunday Morning" that Clinton was "Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction — she's going to keep coming back, and they're not going to stop her." He then reiterated the comparison later on in the show. Translation: Female candidate who remains in a hotly-contested primary battle is tantamount to a violent stalker who terrorizes hapless family, and also boils bunnies. Really it all comes down to that boiled bunny, the quintessential moment from that movie, now synonymous with crazy stalkers. Over the line? Mmmm, you might say. Olbermann did say, and he named Rudin yesterday's "Worst Person in the World." Well done, Keith. Keep it up!

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