05/10/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Lenny Dykstra Sued By Doubledown Media

Lenny Dykstra's having less luck as a magazine publisher than he did as an outfielder.

In January, the former New York Met teamed up with a Manhattan publisher, Doubledown Media, to start a custom magazine of financial advice for professional athletes, The Players Club. Now Dykstra and Doubledown are in a legal battle over control of the second, yet-to-be-published issue, with Doubledown accusing the baseball great of skipping out on his debts.

Dykstra struck the first blow, filing suit in federal court on April 25 accusing Doubledown of breaching their contract by withholding the issue and interfering with the magazine's business relationships. On Tuesday, Doubledown, which publishes Trader Monthly and The Cigar Report, hit back with a counterclaim alleging that it was Dykstra who breached their agreement in failing to pay more than half a million dollars he owed.

According to Doubledown's complaint, the relationship between the two parties started off "with much optimism" but "rapidly soured" once The Players Club launched.

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