Paul Kirk, Ex-DNC Chair And Superdelegate, To Endorse Obama

05/10/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • ABC

ABC's the note says Obama will roll out the endorsement of another DNC ex-chair today.

Speaking of math -- the Obama campaign rolls out another former DNC chairman's endorsement on Friday: Paul Kirk, a superdelegate who led the party from 1985-1989, is coming out for Obama -- a day after Andrew's switch, an Obama campaign official tells The Note. (And don't count on that being it for the day, as the dribble continues.)

If Clinton, D-N.Y., can make this is a race yet, we're about to find out just how patient Democrats can be with a race that's showing signs of shredding the party. Notwithstanding moves by Andrew, Kirk, and the like, Clinton needs superdelegates to wait for her case to play out -- and then she needs an utter and total rejection of the Democratic frontrunner.

Yesterday Joe Andrew, former DNC Chair under Bill Clinton, withdrew his support from Sen Clinton and endorsed Obama. Read why Joe decided to switch to an Obama endorsement.

Political Wire notes that Obama after the last two days, Obama has pulled ahead in endorsements from former DNC chairs:

For those keeping score, The Hotline notes that of the 11 living Democratic National Committee chairs between 1981 and 2005, six have endorsed Sen. Barack Obama and four have backed Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Only former Colorado Gov. Gov. Roy Romer has remained neutral.