Rush & Molloy Clueless About Celebrity Family They Write About

05/15/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rush & Molloy, the New York Daily News' flagship gossip column (and its only daily gossip column now that Ben Widdicombe's "Gatecrasher" is gone), makes an embarrassing error today in a report on Liv Tyler's rocky marriage:

For weeks now, it's been rumored that she and rocker hubby Royston Langdon have hit the skids. Tyler was also sans band at several recent events. She's said to have told friends that she and Langdon, the father of their two daughters, married too young and that she'd started looking for a new apartment in the West Village.

In fact, Tyler and Langdon have only one child — a 3 year-old son named Milo.

See a collection of photos of Liv Tyler and Milo here.

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