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Duncan Sheik Sings The Song Of The New Yorker

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ETP is coming to you live from the New Yorker conference, in the beautiful IAC building, with a beautiful lineup (and beautiful food, it should be mentioned), and earlier this afternoon attendees were treated to a beautiful serenade by Tony-winning singer-songwriter-composer Duncan Sheik, who not only wrote the smash hit "Spring Awakening" but also wrote the mid-90's hit "Barely Breathing" which I played over and over again after a breakup. A true artist leaves a mark. Anywway, we videotaped the event with our little digicam, and while the picture and our cinematographical skills leave much to be desired, the audio quality is pretty good. So if you want to see if Sheik was worth the $2000 pricetag on this year's conference (well, there's more, from A to Zakaria), you can see our little videos below. Here's him singing "The Song of the Human Heart" with a pretty kickin' band; when we veer off to the left and zoom in on someone fuzzily, that's David Remnick, taking it all in, and perhaps having is own little spring awakening himself. Well, it is May. Otherwise, I don't quite know what I mean by that. Anyhow, Danny Shea will be providing a more full rundown later, and we'll add more vids as they upload, but in the meantime, enjoy!

"Song Of The Human Heart" - Nero

"Don't Do Sadness" - Spring Awakening

New Song from The Nightingale (in two parts, sorry, ran out of memory as I was taping)