Reid Rebuffs Idea Of Senate Majority Leader Clinton

05/20/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sen. Harry Reid on Monday brushed off the notion that he has any plans to cede his Majority Leader title once Hillary Clinton returns to the Senate full-time.

Asked by The Huffington Post about reports that Clinton may be eyeing Reid's spot if (as seems likely) her presidential run is unsuccessful, the Nevada senator at first offered some humble niceties.

"I do this job the best I can, with the full support of my senators," he said during a small breakfast with reporters. "I feel very comfortable with where I've gotten."

But Reid, the former amateur boxer, couldn't help finishing with a gentle jab.

"Keep in mind also, a senator coming back who's run for president is not a very unique one," Reid said to laughter. "Senator John Kerry ran, he's back. Chris Dodd ran, he's back. Joe Biden ran, he's back."

Those senators have been plenty busy since returning from the campaign trail, Reid added, and "Senator Clinton has some very fine committee assignments."

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