05/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Global Warming: A Refresher Course

Global warming is the talk of the town today, what with Al Gore making the pronouncement that the tragedy in Myanmar is a direct effect of global warming. In an interview on NPR, Al Gore said:

"And as we're talking today, Terry, the death count in Myanmar from the cyclone that hit there yesterday has been rising from 15,000 to way on up there to much higher numbers now being speculated. And last year a catastrophic storm from last fall hit Bangladesh. The year before, the strongest cyclone in more than 50 years hit China - and we're seeing consequences that scientists have long predicted might be associated with continued global warming."

John McCain also announced his plans to tackle global warming, citing free-marking principles as a possible solution.

And lastly, and most definitely most importantly, Polar Bears have officially been declared a protected species.

And so, to prepare you for all your upcoming global warming dinner-party debates, and because (haven't you heard?!) the icebergs are melting, here is your official Huffington Post Global Warming Refresher Course.

Let's start small. What exactly is global warming?

Seriously? Did you skip (and/or fail) 5th grade? But then again, maybe the answer isn't that simple. According to the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) kid's site, global warming is the literal warming of the earth by 1 degree Farenheit over the last 100 years. The flip side to that coin is that global warming is a farce.

Let's assume it's real -- it never hurts to be prepared -- and the earth is slowly warming. What's going to happen?

The easy way to answer that question is to watch this movie. Or, if you're a little more of the "but how does that affect me?" type person, then you can check out this list of Top 100 slightly-more-everyday effects of global warming. A teaser: Say goodbye to your favorite French wine.

What?! I can't live without my '98 Chateau Neuf-du-Pape! What can I do to stop it?!

First, read every one of Huffington Post contributor Olivia Zaleski's posts. The lady knows what she's talking about on everything from bottled water to the art of dumpster diving. She'll have you greening up your Easter before you can say, "Happy Earth Day!"

And for those of you who are more visual learners, here is the "Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See":

So, what do you think? Can you find a flaw in his argument? Is there anything you want to add to the course? Share your tips and thoughts below!