05/28/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

McAuliffe Makes Predictions Based On Flawed Karl Rove Maps

On today's Morning Joe, Hillary Clinton campaign chair came on to issue a bold statement: "Go to HillaryClinton.com. Send some money."

Also, McAuliffe "predicted" that Clinton would win the Kentucky primary, something that pollsters have known for about four months. McAuliffe, as is his wont, went on to predict Clinton wins in Puerto Rico, Montana, South Dakota, the DNC Conference Committee, the Reform Party, the 2008 NBA Championship, and the Shermer High School bake sale (which nets three superdelegates, probably). You know, more or less the same set of talking points McAuliffe has honed over the past two months.

There was, however, one eye-opening moment when McAuliffe cited maps put together by McCain campaign advisor Karl Rove, which projected Clinton as the stronger candidate, but, as Jake Tapper pointed out yesterday, those Rove maps are flawed: "States are allocated in Rove's exercise based on an average of public polls, which many pollsters would tell you is a rather unscientific way to look at the data."


MCAULIFFE: I think what will happen - and we'll know the exact number because the Rules and By-Laws meets on the 31st and they'll make the determination - they will figure what that number is. Once we finish up in June they are going to look at who has the best chance of winning the general election. Then they are going to make their decision. I believe they are going to choose Senator Clinton because you look at everything out there. I know earlier you talked about Karl Rove's map. They know Hillary Clinton wins those states and then they are going to make a decision who is the best to beat John McCain? We need to win the White House. We have to go in with our best foot forward. Hillary Clinton wins Florida, she wins Ohio, she wins Pennsylvania, she wins Michigan, she wins Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia and the general election. It could be a sweep for the Democrats.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, my God. You are unbelievable. Harold, go ahead.

FORD: My governor has the idea for a superdelegate convention which I hope we pursue.

MCAULIFFE: I would like that.

FORD: I have the greatest respect for Senator Clinton...But leave that Karl Rove reference alone.