American Idol Finale: Will Diebold Rig It Just For Fun?

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On Tuesday night's "American Idol", Season 7's crushingly obvious finalists David Archuleta and David Cook each sing their last three songs, and their fates'll be announced Wednesday. Teen priss David Archuleta and emo showboat David Cook are the most evenly matched final two opponents in ages, making up for an excruciatingly dull competition overall, with Vegas odds mixed.

The Davids' careful, media-savvy personalities have charmed the nation's already-overheated tweeners, but for the rest of us, there's something about the battle between the vaguely wooden, long-assumed champion Archuleta, and the rising star of his more genuine, charismatic upstart rival that's been feeling more than a little, uh, Democratic presidential nomination-ish. Is David Archuleta the Hillary Clinton of "Idol"? And does that make David Cook the Barack Obama? The superdelegate are a non-issue for "Idol," but the similarities are way eerier than we could've ever guessed.

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