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McCain Didn't Present The Full Truth On Gay Marriage Position To DeGeneres

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Earlier this morning, Senator John McCain made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where, as the AP noted, he was challenged to account for his stance on gay marriage.

McCain, who also opposes an amendment to the Constitution to ban same-sex unions, said people should be encouraged to enter into legal agreements, particularly for insurance and other areas where decisions need to be made.

McCain, however, is glossing over the truth of his stance. Historically, he has lent his voice to more divisively conservative positions on the issue, including countering the belief that states have the right to forge their own laws governing gay marriage. Heck, as Cliff Schecter notes, McCain's recently opposed the very position on the matter that he took up with DeGeneres:

The problem is that McCain himself not only supported an amendment to the Arizona Constitution in 2006 that would have banned any "legal agreements" including "insurance" for domestic partners, but he cut advertisements for the measure (which failed).


This makes Think Progress' laundry list of McCain's inconsistencies, which also includes his stated opposition to a New Hampshire civil union bill, and his sucking up to Jerry Falwell, a man he once deemed to be an "agent of intolerance," on this issue.

The reliably precise folks at Brave New Films have a video where the whole matter of gay marriage reduces McCain to hilarious babbling, so, you've got that going for you, too.