06/03/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

White House Slams New York Times Editorial On GI Bill

***UPDATE*** Politico reports that the Times editorial page editor Andy Rosenthal calls the White House attack "puzzling" but not uncommon:

"The White House's idea of a fair and balanced story is they're right and going to win," Rosenthal said.

The White House is furious with the New York Times over an editorial they published today that criticized President Bush for not supporting the new GI Bill that was recently passed in the Senate:

In an editorial on a new GI Bill, which passed the Senate ahead of recess, and Bush's opposition to the legislation as written, the paper said that "having saddled the military with a botched, unwinnable war, having squandered soldiers' lives and failed them in so many ways, the commander in chief now resists giving the troops a chance at better futures out of uniform."

The White House reacted quickly and strongly.

"This editorial could not be farther from the truth about the president's record of leadership on this issue," White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said in a statement. She added that the newspaper's editorial board "doesn't let the facts get in the way of expressing its vitriolic opinions - no matter how misleading they may be."

Read the full New York Times editorial here.

Earlier this month, the White House slammed NBC News for how they edited an interview with President Bush. HuffPost's Jason Linkins has that report.