06/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

New DNC Web Ad Uses McClellan To Blast McCain

You didn't really think Democratic ad gurus would sit out the Scott McClellan contretemps, did you?

Republican-on-Republican combat is like catnip to the DNC, and this morning, they're hoping to catch Sen. John McCain in the free for all by inserting him into the "political propaganda campaign" the former White House press secretary says was used to sell the case for war in Iraq. By splicing three early McCain remarks on Iraq alongside a comment from Vice President Dick Cheney, the new web ad says the Arizona Republican was "marching in lockstep" with the Bush administration's efforts to dupe the public.

"This week, the American people are getting a fresh look at John McCain's key role in the propaganda machine that Scott McClellan describes in his book," said DNC spokesman Damien LaVera. "Given that he was part of the drumbeat that misled America into war and continues to misrepresent the facts as he defends his willingness to keep our troops in Iraq for 100 years, how can Senator McCain be trusted to not continue the Bush policy of cherry picking the facts on the ground in Iraq and misleading the American people?"

Will the ad be effective? Watch it and tell us what you think.


DNC Web Ad: "Propaganda"

GRAPHIC: Scott McClellan: White House Used Propaganda To Lead Us To War.

MCCLELLAN: "As we accelerated the buildup to the war, the information that we were talking about became a little more certain than it was. The caveats were dropped. Intelligence that you know, contradictory intelligence was ignored. Intelligence that had a high level of confidence was combined and packaged with intelligence that had a low level of confidence. And together, that made it sound like the threat was more urgent and more grave and gathering than it really turned out to be." [Today Show, 5/29/08]

GRAPHIC: Where Was John McCain?

MCCAIN: "I believe that Saddam Hussein presents a clear and present danger to the United States of America with his continued pursuit to acquire weapons of mass destruction. [CNN, Later Edition, 3/3/02]

CHENEY: "My belief is we will in fact be greeted as liberators." [Meet the Press, 3/26/2003]

MCCAIN: "There's no doubt in my mind that once these people are gone that we will be welcomed as liberators." [MSNBC, Hardball, 3/24/03]

MCCAIN: "I believe that we can win an overwhelming victory in a very short period of time." [CNN Late Edition, 9/29/02]

GRAPHIC: ...Marching in lockstep the whole way. John McCain: The Wrong Choice For America's Future.

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