06/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Inside The Bedroom With CBS's "Swingtown"

IT'S NOT every day you see a unicorn, especially one dancing in a fuchsia dress, smack in the middle of a television network's living room. But there she is trying to lure a married man to any conveniently located lair in Episode 9 of CBS' unbuttoned new series "Swingtown."

Obviously, this mythical creature is not of the single-horned breed that adorns the saccharin posters of childhood walls. This particular animal -- a slang term within swinging circles -- is a female bisexual hot to bed down with an established heterosexual couple.

Unicorns, wife swapping and a host of other titillating story lines are all part of the "Swingtown" world where three Midwestern couples wade into the rising waters of sexual freedom that swept the nation during the mid-1970s. The fact that a show with such strong sexual themes landed not on a freewheeling cable channel but on a once-genteel network astounded nearly everyone -- including the show's creative team.

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