Retired Air Force General McPeak Bashes McCain

06/10/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Retired Air Force General Tony McPeak, a national security adviser to Barack Obama, dropped the hammer on Sen. John McCain today, telling the Washington Times, "It doesn't take very long to uncover national security issues that McCain is weak on...For McCain to think he has a monopoly on virtue in the national security issue is going to be shown a pretty flimsy idea very quickly."

How flimsy and how quickly? As it turns out, very. And critically, McPeak attaches himself to the Obama campaign as someone who got Iraq right. From the WashTimes:

"[McCain is] wrong about Iraq, and he's wrong in the past and wrong about his ideas going forward," Gen. McPeak said. "And that's the biggest single national security issue on the table."

Gen. McPeak added, "[McCain] supported the intervention to begin with. Then of course he attacked the execution and he was justified in doing so. But the idea that this was a good concept, poorly executed, won't stand the test of examination.

"Now, it was poorly executed, so he was right about that. But the concept itself was fatally flawed. So he was wrong there. And his idea that all we have to do is execute better and this will turn into a big victory for us is wrong.

"So he's going to have to carry the weight, the tonnage of bad judgment on that particular issue."

Not surprisingly, McPeak also found McCain's notion that the United States should not enter into talks with nations such as Cuba and Iran to be daffy as well, saying, "This whole idea that diplomacy is attending cocktail parties with your best friends, that's kind of dumb. It's a national security issue that McCain is wrong on."

McPeak has become the "most senior retired military officer" to back Obama.

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