06/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bush On Iraq War: "I Don't Care If It Created More Enemies"

NBC News' Richard Engel, who in April was promoted to chief foreign correspondent, has written a book, released today, about the years he spent reporting in Iraq. The book is titled War Journal: My Five Years In Iraq, and it contains an explosive interview with President Bush. The president makes several controversial, some might say shocking, statements (from Muckraked):

"'This is the great war of our times. It is going to take forty years,'" [Bush told Engel]. "Bush said in forty years the world would know if the war on terrorism, and conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, had reduced extremism, helped moderates, and promoted democracy."

- Bush admits to Engel that going to war was a decision based on his personal instinct and not on any long-range strategy for the Mideast:

"I know people are saying we should have left things the way they were, but I changed after 9/11. I had to act. I don't care if it created more enemies. I had to act."

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